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Avni Gupta-Kagan

Avni Gupta-Kagan

has a range of experience in education from classroom teaching and school leadership to building human capital-related programs. Avni currently serves as a consultant to several programs, including the Urban Schools Human Capital Academy where she supports districts in building strong human resource offices. Avni previously led work with an organization called New Leaders to develop and train principals in urban public schools. Avni has served as an Assistant Principal in the Washington DC public schools. She started her teaching career at Academy of the Pacific Rim, a high-performing charter school in Boston, and helped to found Amistad Academy, the first of the Achievement First charter schools. Avni has a B.A. in psychology from Yale College, a masters in education administration from Trinity University, and a J.D. from Yale Law School. Avni moved to South Carolina nearly 3 years ago, and has three young children, two of whom are musicians with Suzuki Strings at USC. She volunteers with Achieve Columbia, serves on the Board of the Montessori School of Columbia, and is on the School Improvement Council at Rosewood Elementary. She is also on the board of Critical Exposure, a non-profit based out of Washington DC that teaches youth to use documentary photography to advocate for social change.

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