Curriculum Overview

Midlands Arts Conservatory is a visionary charter school that is being proposed for the Midlands area of South Carolina.  Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) will provide a free, public education that effectively combines arts and academics.  We are already approved to open in the Fall of 2018 with 6th and 7th grades, and will add a grade level each year, reaching 12th grade in 2022.

The school will open with a focus on the visual arts, theater, dance and music.  The school will be open to any South Carolina resident student in the appropriate grade level who has an interest in the arts and is willing to meet the high academic expectations of the school.  The school will be staffed with highly qualified arts and academic instructors in an environment that provides training, exposure, and practical application in the arts and the integration of arts into the academics of the school.  The goal of the school is to graduate accomplished artists, students who appreciate and enjoy the arts, and students who will be highly successful in higher education and  careers.

The student-teacher ratio in classes will be no higher than 20 to 1 and lower in specialized arts areas. MAC will have small group and individualized instruction in the arts with a wide spectrum of academic support available.  Academic support will include on-line instruction and individualized academic instruction on a needs basis for all students. The school will open with 120 6th and 7th grade students with three classes of 20 students at each grade level.

Core Education with Applied Arts Immersion

  • Core disciplines

  • A Primary Art Area and an Elective Art Area

  • Group performance projects, in-school and in-community

  • Individualized opportunities through tutoring

  • Project-Based collaboration with students in other Arts areas

Academic Arts Correlation

  • Coursework describing the particular elements of each Art Discipline

  • Research projects relating to Arts coursework

  • Multi-disciplinary approach related to Social Studies

    • Historical significance

    • Cultural Impact

    • Correlations between the Arts and Style during the Major Time Eras

Exposure to Real-Life Artists

  • Guest performances by professional artists in the community

  • Guest Clinicians in Applied Areas

  • Workshops

  • Field Opportunities