MAC is seeking an outstanding leader who will lead the school to academic excellence. He or she must be a strong and dedicated instructional leader who will develop an environment of deep collaboration with staff and families.  

Job Description

The principal is the key leader responsible for implementing the mission and vision of the school and fulfilling policies and procedures in accordance with state and federal law.  The principal will oversee the day-to-day operations of the school and provide creative, collaborative, and forward-thinking leadership.  A key component of the position is to provide instructional leadership necessary to successfully promote an effective learning environment for students from diverse ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds and to prepare students for college and career success. The principal will also coordinate a personalized learning environment for integrating academic rigor and quality arts instruction for all students.

The principal will create engaging, rewarding work environments that retain the most talented and devoted educators committed to ensuring student success for all students.  He/she must drive instructional excellence by setting high expectations and ensuring that teachers receive appropriate, targeted coaching and professional development to meet school goals and expectations.  In other words he/she must be ready to supervise, coach, develop, and evaluate teachers using regular classroom observation, feedback and advice.

He/she will direct all matters pertaining to the implementation of the instructional program, ensures efficient operation of the school’s physical plant, and oversees all extracurricular programs.  The principal invites and coordinates the involvement of faculty, parents and community members in the planning and decision making process.   This position requires excellent communication and management skills along with flexible scheduling.  He/she will implement programs, policies and practices to ensure quality teaching and learning.                     


  1. An inspirational principal/leader: A school leader who is enthusiastic and committed to building a positive and supportive school climate.
  2. A culturally sensitive leader: A school leader who has experience in dealing with challenges similar to those facing the school and the community, and can approach them with a clear vision and a firm but compassionate hand.
  3. A strong communicator: a leader who is supportive and people –centered and who both seeks and values input from various stakeholder groups including students, families, faculty and staff.
  4. An experienced leader: a leader who has a demonstrated track record of setting clear priorities and expectations, and using them as a basis for building strong systems to support student success. Someone who is fair and consistent in his or her approach to student discipline.
  5. An effective manager: a principal who knows how to effectively delegate, and is skilled at creating and supporting a sense of shared responsibility and accountability at all levels.
  6. An Innovative educator: A school leader who uses his or her instructional expertise to create a dynamic teaching and learning environment that will prepare students for high school and college success.

REQUIREMENTS: Qualifications and Experiences

  1. MA Degree
  2. Five or more years demonstrated successful teaching experience ( Ideally Middle School)
  3. Experience as a principal or assistant principal with strong instructional leadership skills (preferably in a charter school, private or traditional public school)
  4. South Carolina Middle Level Certification in Administration/Leadership          ( have earned or able to obtain)
  5. Preferences include experience with art education.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
  7. Ability to be open to listening to other points of view.
  8. Be approachable, accessible, and highly visible.
  9. Possess the highest standard of integrity and a strong moral and ethical character.
  10. Have expertise in managing people and teams of educators, coaching teachers to improve, and excel in building a positive and collaborative adult culture
  11. Have demonstrated experience with leading differentiated instruction to support special populations and different levels of learners, developing student-centered classrooms, promoting personalized learning and instructional technology.